Climate and Sustainability in Multiple Dimensions Lecture Series


I have recently started an internship at the Centre for Science and Policy (CSaP) based in Cambridge, UK. Over the past few weeks they have hosted a ‘Climate and Sustainability’ lecture series – titles for all four seminars shown below. A news article for each seminar was written and posted on the CSaP website. I had the great opportunity to write the articles for the second and third session, but all four a well worth a read!

1) 26 February 2015: Ditch the 2 degree warming goal

Speakers: Professor Charles Kennel & Professor Susan Owens

Professor Charles Kennel discussed whether the widespread goal to stop global warming at 2 degrees above pre-industrial levels is in fact misguided. Professor Susan Owens followed with a response.

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2) 5 March 2015: Confronting Climate Risks: Overcoming the ‘Tragedy of the Horizons’

Speakers: Rowan Douglas & Dr Andrew Coburn

Rowan Douglas discussed whether the major longer term risks of climate change are unable to adequately influence short term business actions and public policy. Dr Andrew Coburn followed with a response.

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3) 12 March 2015: Sustainable Humanity, Sustainable Environment, Our Responsibility

Speakers: Professor Sir Partha Dasgupta & Lord Martin Rees

Professor Dasgupta and Lord Martin Rees discussed a joint workshop at the Pontifical Academy of Sciences which combined natural and social scientific expertise to address the relationship between humanity and nature and its implications for sustainability.

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4) 19 March 2015: Mountain Messages: Knowledge, Values, and Decision Making in the Himalayas

Speaker: Dr Hildegard Diemberger and Professor Brian Wynne

Dr Diemberger explored the different ways that people around the world perceive, narrate, and frame changes in their environment, with a focus on Tibet and the Himalayan regions. Professor Brian Wynne followed with a response.

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